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Spacious cockpit for alfresco dining with overhang for weather protection, and above, an equally large flybridge deck.

The flybridge is dominated by the sail controls housed along the front: four large Harken 80 electric winches for sheets and halyards, while behind is ample space for crew to work and then at the back, the two helms. These are ideally placed outboard so both sides of th 32ft-wide hull are visible. The helm modules house B&G wind instruments and both have controls for power and bowthruster, while the 19in B&G Zeus plotter screen swivels on a Scanstrut post between them. Overhead, a canvas bimini gives weather protection, sunworshippers enjoying double sunbeds out front on the flybridge.

The advantage of a vessel of this size is that it is more difficult to displace by waves and weather.

The design is solid and massive, so the boat is almost like a boulder in the water in relation to the seas. The 620 can cut a swath through the water cleanly and efficiently with almost no effort.

The vessel creates the illusion that you are in command of not only the vessel but the sea as well. This boat certainly makes you feel like royalty!

  • Spacious and luxurious accommodations

  • Very stable, but still agile

  • Plenty of room for socializing and entertaining, or space for a bit of privacy if needed

  • Vast amount of storage space

  • Twin-engine design provides advantages such as a backup engine, power capabilities, and maneuverability

​The boat is powerful, safe, and makes the pleasure of sailing even more so with the extra space on board. Smaller vessels serve their purpose, but if you want to go big, charter a 620!

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